Apr 23


This is what you definitely are… but shush, don’t worry! Strong in you the Force is, and here them frozen coffees find you can : http://scandi-cafe.flibidi.net/?lang=en

Sep 19

Last day at work – A firework of awesomeness

It’s raining. It’s cold. I missed my alarm clock. The house is empty. No one to share my quick breakfast with. This day seems meant to be sad and depressing. I jump in my car for the last commute of my time in Sweden. The radio produces inaudible sounds to which I don’t pay attention. Switching station doesn’t change the way I feel. A few Swedish words get to my brain, while the vast majority of them flow out into the ocean of incomprehensibleness. The traffic has never been so fluid, like in a fairy tale. This is the story of my last day of work in Stockholm city.



Préparation du cake de folie


I couldn’t believe my eyes. It seemed that I had been thrown in the vortex of a parallel dimension.


Preparation, part2

Finally, I had my goal in this senseless existence. From now on, I shall not stop until there is Ice Cream Sandwich in France !


The result close to perfection


And Also to Aveen whose french cake was delicious as well !

Aug 19

Unexpected Trolls & stuffed Elves

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Jul 27

SP in & Headphones out

Sorry for the inactivity lately and for all of the untranslated articles. Here is a slight compensation made of very poor Gimp work and unrelated to Sweden stuff.

brand new amp

Let’s rock !

To what I’ve seen so far, musicians don’t really keep their economies a long time, if ever they get any kind of saved money. I feel like a musician, now. And an artist, so to speak … Yeah … A Gimp artist too …


Waaaaaaaaaaaa !!! Buttonssss !!!!!

This is it, I got a new amplifier for my keyboard ! No doubt that people are going to listen to me now. Especially the neighbors. And the cops, maybe. But what do you think about a picture … a picture in …. INVERTED COLORS !!!!

Amp in inverted colors

The original picture showed a killer amp in the middle of a Louis XII living room

Note that plug a keyboard in stereo in a single speaker combo is the Anapurna of stupid. But why did I bought those two fucking cables otherwise ? Huh ? You get me angry now. Let’s see what can Gimp do about anger …

amp with predator effect

Uh …. really ? ….

In the back, you can see (if you are a terminator) the keyboard, but not the tiny flower curtains and the cosy vintage sofa that would have ruined my hardcore predator effect. And by the way, it is fucking awesome to play a single note and to feel the whole house vibrate, including the piece furniture with fragile porcelain in it.

amp with aquarel

Feels calm and zen, isn’t it ?

This is unrelated. But I needed to test this aquarel filter of Gimp’s.

That’s it, bro. Now, I’ve got to work.

May 29

Funky trip in Oslo – The cocoby version

Please, let me add to your reading a few informations that won’t hurt. There are some of the facts that have been exposed so far that I may explain in a slightly different way.

1) I did sleep on the floor since Aurélien had already taken the sofa. My backbone shall remember this episode as a serious threat upon our friendship.

2) I love IceCream Sandwich, and Gildas was very generous. Peace to his glorious soul who made of him a person who shares rather than a stingy bastard who keeps his icecreams deep into his freezer.

3) I really thought people in Norway were STARVING because of the ridiculously high prices of everything in the poor Norwegian supermarkets. Come on, guys, a bottle of watter shouldn’t cost a month’s salary. Even if it’s good watter.

4) Because of point 3), I brought a huge amount of food from the free country of Sweden, where people are allowed to eat. And it was a damn good idea, I guess ! Norway is the Syria of prices ….

5) Pictures !!!

May 29

Museum of natural history of Stockholm

The inhuman threat of oblivion hits this awesome blog and I have to admit that it’s a pain to translate every single one of my articles in English, which basically doubles my hard workload.

To be fair, and to add a few sentences to this post that won’t, I already fear it, be very furnished, I don’t even think anyone is actually reading the English versions of my powerful and magnificent writing. If you disagree, you who reads those poor lines, post a comment and threat me of death. It might have an effect on the quality of the articles, generally speaking.

So, yes, I visited the museum of natural history and it was fun. But it was already a long time ago, so to speak. I remember well being attracted by my curiosity and my desire to do something during my week-end. I shall later make an article to explain how solitude may kill someone in a very wealthy area constituted by no less than 300 square meters villas.

Escaping was easy : a bike is more than enough. A bike which brought me to this :


Le grand bâtiment du Natur Historiska Riskmuseet

From here, I think than two Galleries will largely take the role of speaker and explain what happened and what I saw in this fantastic place. Yes, one gallery is made out of 3D pictures. Cool, isn’t it ? How come I keep having this feeling of speaking alone ?

May 25

The any old way theorem

It is a fact that I’ve never really enjoyed writing, especially when I have nothing interesting to tell. So here’s my new policy for publishing articles on this website : as articles mostly serve as supports to host and display pictures taken here and there during trips, visits or unexpectedly, I don’t feel necessary to always write things to surround the pics, as my inspiration level for writing tends to reach the absolute void. This entails quite long delays between the moment where the pics are uploaded, and the article is actually published (which is even more true if you consider that I also need to translate, uh, things).

Considering that, I’m very likely to proceed as follows :

  • publish an “article” containing only the pics
  • write something when I feel so
  • open comments
  • add some goodies !

This way, pics will be quickly available for those who want them, and the most patient ones will have to come from time to time (sorry if this part sounds like a bad fidelity program Razz ).

May 25

Funky trip in Oslo

Hey !
Today, the English version of the article will be released before the French one  Wink Happy ?

But WHY ? Well, the reason is quite simple, actually : I’m using a QWERTY keyboard right now, and have some inspiration to write !

As mentioned in a previous article, we went to Oslo to visit some friends, and to see the incredible Marcus Miller playing at the Cosmopolite on the Saturday evening…

This would never have been possible if the Chabots hadn’t have their five-star accommodation in Norway’s capital, their lair being also known as The Great Ice Cream Sandwich Storage Facility. Despite this luxurious housing, Corentin preferred to sleep on the floor, not to lose his perfect harmony with the ground’s good vibes (see pics below) Grin .

Friday was, at least for Coco and I, transportation day, so the evening was dedicated to FOOD and rest. Almost. Because we went downtown by night, but by the time we started to look for a place to eat, every restaurant was already closed, except some not so encouraging kebabs… Consequently, the hunger brought us back home to have dinner ; I’d like to mention that we successfully managed not to eat from Gildas’  cold, ashtray-smelling, rotten rice, mostly thanks to Corentin who had the tremendous idea to bring plenty of food from Sweden  -that I will not detail, otherwise you’ll start drooling on your filthy QWERTY keyboards.

On Saturday, we went downtown again for a quick trip, and then took the ferry to visit the island of Gressholmen, which reveals, by the time I am writing, to be a former airport for seaplanes (see Wikipedia). It was the perfect place to have dinner, and we met some people carrying the famous one-time barbecues…


One-time BBQ

One-time BBQ !

After quickly coming back home to get some tasty ice cream sandwiches, it was…


Photos courtesy of Gildas.

Here and there in Oslo

Yes, some of them are too dark. And yes, I’m still a newbie when it comes to photography. PROBLEM ?

The pictures were mostly taken in Gressholmen island, and in Frogner Park.

Zomg lulz bonuz pics \o/

Bonus #1 – Eatin’ da kebab

Bonus #2 – Instagibz

I is in ur computah, instagramin’ ur pix Alien

Bonus #3 – Power C(h)ord

May the Force stay at :D

May the Force stay at Turtle


May 15

Nordic Moonlight

A week ago or so was the moon bigger than usual. After due footing, it was therefore a good occasion to make some pictures. Not the best. Not the worst ? I hope so, although I must say that I had better ones …

And YES, the comments are in french because translating them would be a pain.

May 15

Chicken run

An unbearable tragedy took place in my new home, a few days ago. The family with who I live used to have some chicken, a practical way to get some free eggs of excellent quality. Used to. This very special morning, the father of my host family got back into the living room just after leaving for work and told us to come and see what was happening : The door of the chicken’s little park was open.


La porte du poulailler était lamentablement ouverte

Every single chicken had been killed, probably by some fox walking around. A sad day indeed.

Of course, I won’t publish the pictures of dead chicken which would be of particular horror to the tender eyes of our youngest readers.

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